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Diane's Garden

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Beyond the visit of the castle, which will always remain a memorable experience for visitors, the vast Domain of Chenonceau offers the possibility of freely discovering the two renowned and magnificent gardens of Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medicis. They are ornamented with a myriad of shrubs, hundreds of climbing and stemmed roses. There are amoug 40000 flowers grown in the Domain, which are planted twice a year in spring, and in summer. Moreover the Domain’s 70 hectares of richly wooded parks undoubtedly make a perfect setting for walks and relaxing moments.

The garden is lined with retaining walls and terraces. The decoration is based on eight grass triangles, which are adorned with volutes of santolinas of a total length of 3 000 meters

In the very center of Diane's Garden, "Le Jardin de Diane", is the garden's original fountain.

On the commemorative bronze plate placed near the garden we can read the description of it by Jacques Androuet de Cerceau in his book "The Most Excellent Buildings of France" written between 1576-1579.

With a surprising design for its period, the stream of water spurts forth from a large rock sculpted for the purpose and then falls with a splash into a pentagon-shaped receptacle made of white stone.

The flower beds themselves are planted twice a year with 30 000 to 32 000 plants for each planting:

  • 1. The spring plantings: yellow Viola pansies and blue, white roses depending on the decorative theme, daisies, pink or white bellis perennises and their bulbs ; daffodils and mysosotises.
  • 2. The summer plantings: petunias, tobacco, lilliput dahlias, patiences, verveine, or more begonias.

Overlooking the Garden of Diane de Poitiers are the Chancellery, the house of the estate steward at the foot of which is a dock decorated with a vine. This dock is the indispensable access to any tour on the Cher River.