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The furniture, paintings, ceilings, tapestries, and decorative elements are preserved, examined, and restored with the greatest care.

The Corrège’s painting « L’Education de l’Amour » Furniture, paintings, ceilings, tapestries and decoraation are preserved, checked and restored with the greatest care.
This year, the Corrège’s painting « L’Education de l’Amour », located in Catherine de Médicis’ bedroom, has been restored by Marc Philippe, regular restorer of the castle.

This painting on wood is the alternative to the one on canvass kept at the National Gallery of London.

First steps towards the castle and the Tour des Marques. A cleaning has given back to the soft Val de Loire tufa its original colour.

Within the castle, a ew lightning of the hall and the kitchens highlights the outstanding quality of the architecture and the magnificent vaults while the collection of ancient engravings showing the castle has been brought out thanks to the renovation of its exhibition room.