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Books - souvenir shop

"Chenonceau. Renaissance Gardens"

Éditions : Gaud
Textes : Sonia Lesot
Photographies : Henri Gaud

Chenonceau is especially famous for the château, a vessel in stone jutting out over the Cher River. Thanks to this book the gardens created by Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medicis come out of the shadows. These gardens are untiringly preserved by their present owners. “Chenonceau, Renaissance Gardens” is an ode to the art of Renaissance gardens and the lavish festivities that were staged there.

"The story of Chenonceau told by Jean-Pierre Babelon"

Publisher: Adam Biro
Textes : Jean Pierre Babelon
Photographies : Jean Pierre Godeaut

An indispensable companion for anyone interested in history, this superb book opens the gates to the Chenonceau château. – “Chenonceau”, by Jean-Pierre Babelon, published by Adam Biro, tells the history of the château and its successive owners. The photos by Jean-Pierre Godeaut are surprising, and although Chenonceau is very famous they shed new light on it.

Souvenir shop

The Castle’s new souvenir store is freely accessible. It is full of original gifts, exclusively available in the store and some limited editions. It has different theme areas: young princes and princesses, books and illustrated works, decorative items and jewelry. There are also different themes depending on the season and the Castle’s program.