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The bouquets factory

The floral decoration of Chenonceau requires a large-scale production of flowers for cutting. Each room of the château is decorated with an original floral composition prepared by a team of florists of the Chenonceau estate who renew every bouquet twice a week. The visitor to the château is welcomed by fresh flowers, and thus feels that he is considered as a guest in an inhabited residence.

The flowers are grown in a garden strictly reserved for them - the former vegetable garden, accessible to visitors - covering a surface area of 10 000 m2, lined with clair matin climber rose trees.
A wide variety of flowers for cutting are grown in this garden: white lupines, delphiniums, lilies, peonies, dahlias, irises… which we find in bouquets throughout the seasons inside the buildings. The floral workshop also uses natural materials like branches, pine cones, mosses and lichens in order to preserve all the charm and refinement of a country château at Chenonceau.